Internasjonal forskning

A young caring doctorDet har vært forsket på yoga under hele 1900-tallet, og det finnes tusenvis av vitenskapelige undersøkelser rundt yoga og meditasjon, og de målbare effektene på kropp og sjel.


Rundt 1910 forsket den tyske hudlegen og nervespesialisten Johannes H Schultz rundt forskjellige former for yoga og hypnose, og dette resulterte i et avslapnings- og meditasjonssystem – autogen trening – som den dag i dag brukes innenfor idrettsverden.


Den sveitsiske psykologen Carl Jung holdt i 1932 en serie med forelesninger om Kundaliniyoga, fordi denne yogaformen kompletterte hans egne psykologiske teorier. Disse seminarene finnes utgitt under tittelen The Psychology of Kundaliniyoga.  (Princeton University Press 1996).


I dag forskes det intensivt over hele verden rundt yoga og dens påvirkning, psykisk og fysisk.


I databasen PubMed (The National Library of Medicine, Washington, USA) – finnes det flere tusen forskningsrapporter fra hele verden som på forskjellige måter og i forskjellige sammenhenger viser yogaens og meditasjonens målbare effekter.


For å komme til PubMed – klikk her!


Her finner du noen hundre sammendrag fra forskjellige internasjonale yogiske studier, som ligger samlet under forskjellige overskrifter.


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(June 11, 2013)
Summary: Gen Hosp Psychiatry 1995 May;17(3):192-200 Department of Psychiatry, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester 01655, USA. A previous study of 22 medical patients with DSM-III-R-defined anxiety disorders showed clinically and statistically significant improvements in subjective and objective symptoms of anxiety and panic following an 8-week outpatient physician-referred group stress reduction intervention based on mindfulness meditation. […]
Categories: Psyken, Stress2
(June 11, 2013)
Summary: The Journal of The International Association of Yoga Therapists Low-back pain (LBP) is an endemic disorder afflicting a large percentage of the population. The etiological factors of LBP include psychosomatic factors, postural defects, occupational predispositions and sedentary lifestyles. The present study evaluates a number of simple asanas which may be used as rehabilitative techniques on […]
Categories: Ryggen
(June 10, 2013)
Summary: Psychophysiology Laboratory, State-Research Institute of Physiology, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Timakova str. 4, 630117, Novosibirsk, Russia. Klikk her for å sende e-post Din e-postadresseDitt navnMeldingThis field should not visible SubmitClear We used non-linear analysis to investigate the dynamical properties underlying the EEG in the model of Sahaja Yoga meditation. Non-linear dimensional complexity […]
Categories: Hjerne
(September 11, 2003)
Summary: Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2003 Sep;84(9):E19-E20. e-mail: Klikk her for å sende e-post Din e-postadresseDitt navnMeldingThis field should not visible SubmitClear. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy of the Back Builders exercise program on patients with diskogenic low back pain (LBP). Design: Prospective randomized trial. Setting: Outpatient clinical setting at a major university teaching hospital. Participants: […]
Categories: Ryggen
(August 11, 2003)
Summary: Psychosom Med. 2003 Jul-Aug;65(4):571-81. Department Psychosocial Resources, Tom Baker Cancer Centre (L.E.C., M.S., E.G.), Calgary, Alberta, Canada. OBJECTIVES: This study investigated the relationships between a mindfulness-based stress reduction meditation program for early stage breast and prostate cancer patients and quality of life, mood states, stress symptoms, lymphocyte counts, and cytokine production. METHODS: Forty-nine patients with […]
Categories: Immunforsvaret, Stress2
(June 10, 2003)
Summary: Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2003;(1):CD003219. School of Occupational Therapy, University of South Australia, City East Campus, North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. Klikk her for å sende e-post Din e-postadresseDitt navnMeldingThis field should not visible SubmitClear BACKGROUND: Non-surgical treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is frequently offered to those with mild to moderate symptoms. The effectiveness […]
Categories: Ledd
(June 4, 2003)
Summary: Thorax. 2003 Aug;58(8):674-9. BACKGROUND: Patients with asthma are interested in the use of breathing exercises but their role is uncertain. The effects of the Buteyko breathing technique, a device which mimics pranayama (a yoga breathing technique), and a dummy pranayama device on bronchial responsiveness and symptoms were compared over 6 months in a parallel group […]
Categories: Pusting
(June 3, 2003)
Summary: Percept Mot Skills. 2003 Feb;96(1):79-80. Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation, Chamarajpet, Bangalore, India. Some reports have described the effects of forced uninostril breathing on autonomic activity as sex-specific, while other reports described selective effects of breathing through a specific nostril on the two divisions of the utonomic nervous system, irrespective of sex. There are also yoga […]
Categories: Nervesystemet, Pusting
(May 30, 2003)
Summary: J Am Board Fam Pract. 2003 Mar-Apr;16(2):131-47. California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco 94115, USA. BACKGROUND: Although emerging evidence during the past several decades suggests that psychosocial factors can directly influence both physiologic function and health outcomes, medicine had failed to move beyond the biomedical model, in part because of lack of exposure to the […]
Categories: Generelt
(August 10, 2002)
Summary: Altern Ther Health Med 2002 Jul-Aug;8(4):64-6, 68-70, 72-3 University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, USA. CONTEXT: Many epidemiological studies indicate that spirituality or religion are positively correlated with health measures, but research is needed on interventions that change spirituality to verify that it actually affects health and to justify suggestions that changes in spiritual practices or […]
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