Workshop: Health, Healing and Heart – The Power of Love

Workshop with guest yoga teacher Guru Rattana, San Diego, USA

21-22 October 2017



This is not MediYoga but a workshop with yoga and meditation in MediYoga style.


We have invited guest yoga teacher Guru Rattana, because we share the same values of what yoga is all about; health and healing. And starting to like your self.


The most fundamental aspect of human healing, health and happiness is to elevate and integrate all levels of our being at the soul and heart level.


Holistic health and healing require a balance and harmonious integration between body, mind, emotions, our soul, and Spirit.


MediYoga Instructors and MediYogatherapists, this is a special designed workshop for you! As an instructor in MediYoga it´s vital that you know what your energy is doing. Heal yourself and you will heal others.


We use yoga and meditation to participate in our own well-being, self-empowerment, and journey toward inner peace, and self-love. In the process we become a healing presence to assist others in their own healing journey.


Our mind is our most powerful medicine. It is in our mind that we can change negative and faulty perceptions and patterns of thinking. In our emotional body, supported by our mind, we can transform negative energy conditions.  We must get to know and understand each aspect of our energy composition to tap into our powers and pure essence.


As we learn to work with, elevate, and share higher vibrational energies, we discover that the heart chakra produces the highest frequency and intensity of energy that can heal and merge all 4 dimensions of our being. The energy transmitted from the heart is five times more powerful than that transmitted from the mind. Love is the power!


Opening our heart to self-love and embracing our life journey with gratitude consolidates our evolutionary healing journey.


In this two day workshop, we will

  • Learn about our 4 energy bodies and how they relate to our soul journey
  • Work with the 4 levels of healing regarding a personal issue
  • Perform partner and group healings from a sacred heart space


Handout: Each participant will receive a special written manual; “Health, Healing and Heart” that is available only for this course.

Price: 2 950 NOK


More about Guru Rattana: