Workshop: Health, Healing and Heart with Guru Rattana

«Health, Healing and Heart»
The power of love
with guest yoga teacher Guru Rattana

21-22 October 2017, Oslo
Saturday-Sunday kl.10-18

This is not MediYoga-workshop but a workshop about how conscious yoga can help you to heal deep within.



At this workshop you will be the first to receive Guru Rattana´s new teachings and most recent writings on the topic «Health, Healing, and Heart».


Opening our heart to self-love and embracing our life journey with gratitude consolidates our evolutionary healing journey.

In this 2-day workshop we will:

  • Learn about our energy bodies and how they relate to our soul journey
  • Work with the different levels of healing regarding a personal issue
  • Perform partner and group healings from a sacred heart space


Humans are dynamic energy systems programmed to go through an evolutionary process of soul growth which awakens us to our innate capacity for self-healing and unconditional love.


Holistic health and healing require a balance and harmonious integration between body, mind, emotions, our soul, and Spirit.


To augment and balance the flow of life force through our being, we must develop a relationship with our soul and the spiritual aspects of life.


We need to access the subtle-energy level of our being where we can tune into our neutral mind and provide our human self a stable, non-destructive inner environment to assist in recovery and maintenance of well-being.


From a neutral mind and heart vantage point, we can examine negative thought forms that feed stress and illness.


By getting in touch with our energy predispositions, we can take care of ourselves before illness occurs and get in contact with our inner healing power.


Handout: You will receive a special written manual; “Health, Healing and Heart” including yoga sets and meditations, that is available only for this course.

Price: 2 950 NOK


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